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DONNIE VIE Announces New Single Party Time", Solo Career Box Set The Donnie Vie Collection

By Larry Petro, News Monkey
Thursday, October 7, 2021 @ 11:45 AM

Single Out October 15th, Box Set Out October 22nd

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Donnie Vie announces his brand new single "Party TIme" and his new solo career encompassing box set The Donnie Vie Collection. "Party Time” is a party anthem that is bursting with fun and creativity from the first note till the last. Amongst many hundreds of songs, Donnie feels this is his most marketable song of his career which spans over 30 years, with 25 records collectively. The song bridges genres and age groups. The "Party Time" song and upcoming video both contain Chip Znuff, which has brought the two together for the first time working together in 8 years. Full details of everything included in the box set can be found below. Donnie Vie recently collaborated with Howard Stern on a recording of Howard's song "Bang O Clock".

"Party Time" will be released on October 15th. The Donnie Vie Collection box set will begin shipping on October 22nd. Fans can pre-order the box set at www.DonnieVie.com.

Donnie Vie talking about his new box set The Donnie Vie Collection, "This is a collection of the 5 studio records I've released as a solo artist. And a 6th record worth of new, unreleased songs that are snatched right out of my home studio demo collection. They may not be all dressed up in fancy wrappers but they taste the same. If you are already a Donnie Vie fan you will appreciate these all being rounded up and put on one new, modern format listening medium, being flash drive (which also doubles as a VIP laminate to be used at my upcoming live concerts for meet 'n' greets), as some of these records aren't easy to find. Plus, you'll also really love these new songs that you've never heard, including the new single and video "Party Time". If I do say so myself this is a very cool thing to have as I enjoyed listening to it myself. Thank you my sisters and brothers, and I'll be seeing y'all real soon."

Continuing, Donnie added, "I literally have no idea how many songs I've written or even how many things I've released with and without ENUFF Z'NUFF, because it's all about going on to the next thing as I finish the last. When I send it in, I'm finished with it and it's all yours. In fact, there are actually songs I've only sung or listened to one time throughout the collection of all my records; that's how many there are, and my policy that stands to this very day is, if it isn't as good or better than my last it goes back into the pantry to possibly be used to season some other future creation. That is why my fans love me as much as they do, cuz I love them enuff to serve them something special each time I cook for them. It's all about the fans. They are truly all that matters in this craft, or at least in my world. They never let me down so I never do to them. Now if we can only get about 20 million more of them we could change the world."

Box Set Details


  • "Party Time"
  • "Party Time" MP3 Single
  • "Party Time" MP4 Video Release
Beautiful Things
  • "Beautiful Things"
  • "Plain Jane"
  • "Breaking Me Down"
  • "I Could Save The World"
  • "Fly"
  • "Tender Lights"
  • "I’ll Surrender"
  • "Whatever"
  • "Fallin’ Through The Pages"
  • "Back From The Blue"
  • "Instant Karma" (First Mix Bonus – Unreleased)
Album artwork from original release

Extra Strength

  • "Heaven Or Hell"
  • "Missing You"
  • "Strength"
  • "In Crowd"
  • "Hollywood Ya"
  • "The World Is A Gutter"
  • "Goodbye"
  • "It’s No Good"
  • "In My Life"
  • "Mother’s Eyes"
  • "Long Way To Go"
  • "Blue Island"
  • "The Way Home"
  • "Time To Let You Go"
  • "Baby Loves You"
New album artwork designed by Lee Stokes and Donnie Vie

Just Enuff

  • "Spider Web"
  • "Better Days"
  • "Forever"
  • "Jesus In Drag"
  • "Wintergreen Eyes"
  • "I’ll Go On"
  • "Alice In A Jam"
  • "Don’t Bring Me Down"
  • "That’s What Love Is"
  • "Night Of Day"
  • "Blowin’ Kisses In The Wind"
  • "Wasting Time"
  • "Yesterday" (Bonus Cover)
New album artwork designed by Lee Stokes and Donnie Vie

Wrapped Around My Middle Finger

  • "Wrapped Around My Middle Finger"
  • "Wunderland"
  • "Lisa"
  • "Daddy’s Girl"
  • "Now Ya Know"
  • "No Escape"
  • "Lil Wonder"
  • "Flames Of Love"
  • "Rattle On"
  • "I Won’t Let You Down"
  • "Lollipop"
New album artwork designed by Lee Stokes and Donnie Vie

The White Album
CD One

  • "I Wanna Do It To You"
  • "Handy Dandy"
  • "For Your Pleasure"
  • "Happy Days"
  • "Crash and Burn"
  • "Light Shine On"
  • "Better Love Next Time"
  • "My Love"
  • "When Will You Love Me Again"
  • "Haunted"
  • "Unforsaken"
  • "Victory" (Bonus)
CD Two
  • "25 Or 6 To 4" (Chicago Cover)
  • "You’re My Favorite Thing To Do"
  • "Almost Home"
  • "Imagine" (John Lennon Cover)
  • "Angel Eyes"
  • "Without You"
  • "Big Brother"
  • "Freaky Deaky"
New album artwork designed by Lee Stokes and Donnie Vie

Guilt N’ Shame – International Jagoffs

  • "Hay Is For Horses"
  • "Pickin’ Cotton"
  • "Bobbin’ For Apples"
  • "Toilet Paper Roses"
  • "Butterface Love"
  • "Hepatitis C"
  • "Greyhound Bus To Heaven"
  • "Wild Turkey"
  • "Commando"
  • "U Asshole U" (Bonus Track)
Original album artwork designed by Lee Stokes and Donnie Vie

The Donnie Vie Party Pack

  • "Party Time"
  • "Already Gone" (New Song)
  • "Blowin’ With The Wind" (New Song)
  • "Gravity Always Wins" (New Song)
  • "Protected" – Demo
  • "Nothin’ To Lose" (New Song)
  • "Diana"
  • "Under & Over" (New Song)
  • "Better Love Next Time" (Alternate Version)
  • "Strangers In My Head" (New Version)
  • "Whatever" (Demo)
  • "Icicle" (New revised song)
  • " I Could Save The World" (Demo)
  • "Troublemaker"
  • "Mrs Vandevelde"
  • "Here It Comes" (New Song)
  • "Instant Karma" (Video Mix Edition)
  • "Falling Through The Pages" (Demo)
  • "Breaking Me Down" (Demo)
  • "All My Favorite Things" (Official single)
  • "All My Favorite Things" (Bonus – Early Mix – Unreleased)
New album artwork designed by Lee Stokes and Donnie Vie


  • "All Alone"
  • "All My Favorite Things" (Official Video)
  • "Beautiful Things" (Official Video)~
  • "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Simon and Garfunkel Cover)
  • "Home Tonight" - Experimenting with Backing Tracks (Lockdown Edition)
  • "Fly High Michelle" (Acoustic and Intimate)
  • "Goodbye"
  • "Hollywood Ya"
  • "How Are You" (Lockdown Performance)
  • "I Could Never Be Without You"
  • "Imagine" (John Lennon Cover)
  • "In My lIfe" (Beatles Cover)
  • "Innocence"
  • "Instant Karma" (Official Video)
  • "All My Favorite Things" (Intimate Performance)
  • "Loser Of The World"
  • "Message Of Love"
  • "My Dear Dream"
  • "My Love"
  • "Party Time" (First Video Draft – Original Version of Song)
  • "Party Time" (Sports Edition – Original Version Of Song)
  • "Right By Your Side"
  • "Smokin’ Hot Lollipop" (Official Video)
  • "Someday"
  • "Strength"
  • "Tender Lights"
  • "These Daze"
  • "Valentine’s Day"
  • "Victory" (Demo)
  • "You’re My Favorite Thing To Do"
  • "Stand By Me" (Alternate Video)
  • "Be My Baby" (Ronettes Cover)
  • Space 2018 Live – “New Thing” & “Still Have Tonight”
Guilt N’Shame – Selected Videos
  • Christmas – "Oh Holy Night"
  • Christmas – "12 Days Of Christmas"
Zoom Call
A 15 minute Zoom call with Donnie Vie. A 1:1 Chat about anything you feel like.

Rare Vinyl Single
A 7" 45rpm vinyl of the original "Party Time" song, with cover displaying fan submitted photos, the B-side is the lockdown released “All My Favourite Things”, and a signed lyric sheet of both songs

Signed USB Flashdrive
A credit card size USB release that doubles as a VIP Pass to meet Donnie for free at future concerts. Autographed by Donnie.

Albums that are out of print, hard to get a hold of, or expensive if purchased second hand. A new albums worth of material with 21 songs including 8 new songs, Beautiful Things demos, released singles and alternate versions

As Donnie has never really been overly impressed with the album covers, Donnie and his artist friend of many years Lee Stokes got to work on re-creating something more fitting to Donnie’s tastes.

Party Time
The digital version of the "Party Time" song, and the extended 4 minutes 51 version of the "Batman 66" themed music video. Containing the real Batman, and filmed on location at Klairmont Kollections in Chicago.

Music Videos
A cool collection Of Donnie’s favorite renditions of his own works and selected covers



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