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Guitarist Laura Christine of Warface Speaks of the Insanity of the Obsessed

By Debby Rao, Boston Contributor
Sunday, November 19, 2006 @ 8:19 AM

"...if you go out there and ki

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Warface are a three-piece death metal trio that hails from San Diego. Warface's debut release, Insanity of the Obsessed on Deathquake Records features a polished production of death metal with all the brutality and torrid guitar shredding reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse. Warface hail from the underground death metal scene in San Diego, and are making their mark in death metal today. Warface have opened for Cannibal Corpse, Death Angel, and most recently Deicide.

Warface features Laura Christine on guitar, Dave Smith on vocals and bass, and Tyson Jupin on drums. Tyson most recently replaced drummer Scott Ellis.

The opening track of Insanity of the Obsessed, "Judgement Defiles" sets the tone throughout the whole album with its feverish guitar riffs, and growling vocals. If you are into speed metal, and heavy guitars, "Insanity of the Obsessed" is for you.

One of the interesting aspects of this album is guitar goddess Laura Christine. Laura has a guitar style that is brutal, raw, and simply skull crushing. The trio hails from the San Diego underground scene, where metal is real and honest, and meant to be played very loud.

I recently spoke to Laura Christine. In this interview, Laura discusses the music industry, the state of the world today, "Insanity of the Obsessed", and what it means to be a woman in death metal.

KNAC.COM: Laura how does "Insanity of the Obsessed" differ from your debut album?

CHRISTINE: Just about everything from the writing, which is a lot better. The production is like night and day. We have gotten so much better with playing. We pushed our selves a lot further with this new one. Everything is different it is a lot better. It is a lot heavier. There is a lot more leads going on. The vocals are better. It is Warface on steroids.

KNAC.COM: Laura, how long has the band been together?

CHRISTINE: Six years. I am from San Diego.

KNAC.COM: How is the death metal scene in California these days?

CHRISTINE: You know what? It seems to get better and better every year down here. This local is great.

KNAC.COM: How are the music industry embracing women in metal these days? Do you think you get treated differently, than if you were a male guitar player?

CHRISTINE: So far it has been extremely positive. I think the bottom line is, if you go out there and kick ass, it doesn't matter if you are a female or a male. You get good treatment. If you are out there really to destroy.

KNAC.COM: When you first started playing guitar, who were some of your guitar influences?

CHRISTINE: For me personally, my biggest influence was Dimebag and Pantera. From there I would to Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, old Metallica, old Megedeth, Slayer big time. Those are some of the tops right there.

KNAC.COM: The anniversary of Dimebag's death will be on December 8. What was running through your mind, when you turned on the TV, that day, and found out Dime had been shot?

CHRISTINE: It was just complete disbelief. It didn't even seem real. It seemed like this is just not possible. It is just like hearing that the sun fell out of the sky. It just seemed impossible. It was pretty devastating.

KNAC.COM: What are Warface's touring plans?

CHRISTINE: We have plans for a tour of North America and also a video.

KNAC.COM: What is the video going to be?

CHRISTINE: It is going to be "Climatic Annihilation." So it a little bit of a war theme. We were together before 911. We have always been fascinated with Vietnam and World War II. That was the premise behind our band. The fact that we are in a war now, is like Ok. It is kind of going along with what our theme already was.

KNAC.COM: So is that how you came out up the name Warface?

CHRISTINE: That was back in 2000, when we wrote one of our first songs. Then we kind of had that light bulb moment, and it stuck from there.

KNAC.COM: What death metal bands have you performed with from around the scene?

CHRISTINE: Cannibal Corpse, Death Angel, and Deicide.

KNAC.COM: I hope you tour the East Coast soon. The death metal scene is pretty intense here.

CHRISTINE: I was born and raised in Maryland, so I want to return there soon. I haven't been on the East Coast since I was thirteen. I moved to the West Coast when I was thirteen, and have been here ever since.

KNAC.COM: How did you get started in music?

CHRISTINE: Actually I was sixteen and just picked up the acoustic, and started messing with that. I had a friend, who was dating a drummer out of a local band. We went tog o check them out, the next thing you know, and they were playing Metallica for Slayer and us. That just sort of changed my world right there. I started getting really heavy into the metal music. I went from the acoustic to the electric, right then and there.

KNAC.COM: Would you say that "Insanity of the Obsessed" has to deal with the way the world is today?

CHRISTINE: I would say it has to do with a little bit of everything. From religion to war, to the inquisition back in the day and how history is repeating it's self, and a lot of politics.

KNAC.COM: Now you have a new drummer?

CHRISTINE: Yes, the only person who is not the original member is the drummer. Scott Ellis left last year. We wanted to go back to school. He decided, he didn't want to tour, and do this with his life. We brought in Tyson Jupin from Vile.

KNAC.COM: How do you feel that a three-piece band compares to a four or five piece unit in sound?

CHRISTINE: We love it. Dave and I have been in bands with five or six members, for us we can't go back to a four or five piece. We love the simplicity of a three piece. You don't have the entire politic problem, if there are more than three people in a band. We want to keep it this way.

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