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Begin Again: An Exclusive Interview With PAULIE Z Of ZO2

By George Dionne, Podcaster
Friday, February 9, 2024 @ 9:01 AM

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On December 5, 2023, New York rockers ZO2 released Begin Again through Kivel Records. It had been 14 years since their last studio album Casino Logic (2009). The group describes their latest album as "closing the chapter on the past while paying homage to the legacy that has defined them". As well as, "a way to honor the memory of David Z and to continue the music legacy we built together".

I had the opportunity to review the 2-CD, 27 track Begin Again for KNAC.COM recently HERE. I was only vaguely familiar with ZO2 when it came across my desk. In the course of my research for the review I discovered that ZO2 has quite the story to tell, from their 2003 founding by brothers Paul and David Zablidowsky and childhood friend Joey Cassata, to their 2023 comeback album Begin Again.

I had the chance to catch up with vocalist and guitarist Paulie Z to find out the history of ZO2 and where the future is going to take them. Together we discuss the band's formation, playing kids parties by day and local clubs by night, their 2008-2009 IFC reality show Z Rock, self-releasing and financing their early albums, being the first unsigned band to open for KISS, the founding of the David Z Foundation, the role Mark Mendoza (TWISTED SISTER) played in getting ZO2 back together after David's passing, recruiting Sean McNabb (ex-DOKKEN), the release of Begin Again and the importance of its presentation and packaging, the origins of their pin-up model album covers, future live performances, Paulie dividing his time between 9 active bands, and much, much more.


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