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More Than A Woman: An Exclusive Interview With MO’ROYCE PETERSON Of TRAGEDY

By George Dionne, Podcaster
Sunday, February 19, 2023 @ 9:56 AM

“We tend to gravitate towards that ‘70s/‘80s era when there was that tension between the Disco people and the rocker people.”

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TRAGEDY may very well be New York City’s premier Heavy Metal BEE GEES tribute act, but are they ready to conquer the World? The first step in their quest for global domination was to deliver raucous and energetic performances throughout the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the United States.

Their next strategic move was signing with Napalm Records, a titan in the Heavy Metal community, for the release of their 2021 album Disco Balls To The Wall. Now in 2023 TRAGEDY are shattering Sleaze Rock tropes with the release of their latest tribute album I Am Woman on March 3rd.

With this latest tribute to the most celebrated and empowering women in music, the glitter soaked, platform booted, glam rockers may have just reached their final objective. I had the chance to speak with Mo’Royce Peterson ahead of the album’s release.

Highlights include:

-Discussion of I Am Woman album
-Crafting their own music videos
-Why the artists covered inspired them
-How TRAGEDY was spawned
-Signing with Napalm Records
-‘Disco fever’ breaking out at the label with AMBERAIN DAWN & NANOWAR OF STEEL
-Feedback from those close to the BEE GEES
-Metal gatekeepers
-Upcoming tour with STEEL PANTHER
-Comedy in the US vs. overseas
-TRAGEDY fans not happy with FOO FIGHTERS’ BEE GEES Tribute
-And much, much more


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