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Exclusive! Interview With Brides of Destruction Guitarist Tracii Guns!

By Mick Stingley, Contributor
Monday, March 1, 2004 @ 2:08 AM

Here Come The Brides -- All Dr

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When you write for a living, especially about rock, now and then people will ask you- “Who would you really love to interview if you could interview anyone in the world, living or dead?”

This is a great first date question, but no one really cares, and very rarely does the person being asked get to live to see the opportunity to actually do such a thing. Assuming that interviews with Abraham, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Jenna Jameson aren’t going to happen in your lifetime, you go to your strengths. For me, it’s a short list: but it changes frequently. Last week I really wanted to talk to that guy who keeps leaving Chinese take-out menus under my door and ask him why he thinks I need 8 copies of the same menu from a restaurant that I don’t order from. Usually, as a New Yorker, I have it in mind that I would like to speak to whoever is in charge of the subway system, and ask why the fuck the 1/9 train is so fucking slow. Mostly, when it comes to KNAC.COM, it’s a musician. With so many great musicians to choose from who have ‘shuffled off this mortal coil’, there’s no chance of getting Johnny Thunders, Jimi Hendrix, or Sid Vicious; and so on. Among the living, and discounting people I have interviewed, I figure Pete Steele from Type O Negative is one. Andrew Edlritch from The Sisters Of Mercy is another. Angus Young and Steve Harris for sure. (Pink, oddly enough, is another: but I only have the one question.) And then there is a guy whom I think is the most underrated guitarist in the world… Tracii Guns.

From his early years on the Sunset Strip, helping forge the band that became a household name, to the eponymous LA Guns, who didn’t, Tracii has played and played and played and played. I have never witnessed a show where Tracii didn’t look like he wasn’t playing his heart out. His musical influences are many, and he evokes a loveable stage persona that seems to translate into his life. The guy just loves rock. Aside from various transitory band members, and their occasional bickering, has anyone ever said a bad word about the guy? If he had a sitcom, it ought to be called, “Everybody Loves Tracii.”

So I got to talk to Tracii Guns. He’s doing his thing with Brides Of Destruction now. Tracii Guns is an LA dude; and KNAC is LA. Me? I’m a New Yorker and a Johnny Thunders fan who has always secretly believed that what Tracii was about, was a “New York-thing.” Wrong or right, I got to speak to him on the phone for a little bit. When you do these things, there is always a time-constraint. So you don’t get to ask the questions you intended to ask (for example, I didn’t get to ask him his opinion on Rolling Stone’s “Top 500 Guitarists” piece), but you get some cool stuff and you have fun. So what you are left with is two guys who love music… just bullshitting and having fun.

GUNS: MICK! How you doin’?

GUNS: [Laughs] Hey, man…

KNAC.COM: I’m psyched! I’m listening to Johnny Thunders right now! It’s been Thunders and Brides all day!
GUNS: Awwright… nice!

KNAC.COM: So, have you been doing press all day? How’s it going?
GUNS: It’s, it’s-- fun! I feel like I’m twenty!

KNAC.COM: Oh, yeah -- you just had a birthday! Happy birthday!
GUNS: Oh yeah, well, thank you… I’m TWENTY!

KNAC.COM: [Laughs] What did you do for your birthday?
GUNS: Uh… what did we do? We went to Miceli’s and… me and my girl, and a bunch of friends of ours. And then we went and we all jammed at The Baked Potato afterwards.

KNAC.COM: Right on. So, I know you’ve probably been answering questions all day…
GUNS: Oh, that’s cool…

KNAC.COM: I’m probably going to jump all over the place, but I’ll try to stay focused and get the ball rolling… okay? The Brides of Destruction…
GUNS: Oh, yeah!

KNAC.COM: I just read your recent post at the [Brides’] website you have possible tour plans, but nothing’s confirmed and you’re not saying anything until it gets confirmed… but you’ve got some things coming up, like, you’re doing Jimmy Kimmel
GUNS: Mm-hmm…

KNAC.COM: And… do you want to talk about some of that?
GUNS: Yeah, we got, uhmm… the Jimmy Kimmel thing’s happening. Nikki’s going to host that whole week, so, we’re getting some love from some people, you know? So… Yeah! You know, people really dig the record and stuff, and really, but believe me - no one’s heard anything yet! You know… our record, this record, Here Come The Brides was the first thing we did almost two years ago. We love it! But we’ve been listening to it for two years -- we’re so ready to do another record -- it’s funny.

KNAC.COM: Cool. Well, since you’ve got all this new stuff that you’ve been doing, and you have the record, which comes out March 9th, but was online for a while… how do you describe what you’re doing now? This record strikes me as the perfect marriage of punk and rock.
GUNS: Well, what we’re doin’ now is… “we’re lettin’ it flow.” You know, after we finished recording all those songs, we went down the hall, back to our rehearsal room, and wrote almost 30 more songs. Thinking that those original songs that we recorded were just a demo -- and lo and behold -- they ended up being our first album. A lot of the stuff that we had written directly after that, was you know, a little bit more -- four guys in a room bashing it out. You know, a lot of the songs that are on the first record, you know, we had written with outside writers, and, you know, just to get the band kind of started, to get the feel of the band’s chemistry… So after we were done finishing the recording of that, we were a band! And we wrote all this stuff -- new stuff which is now a year old - [and it] is a little bit more on the aggressive side, and you know, it’s like a mixing of rockabilly with speed metal with, with.. you know… it’s just all over the place! The new stuff that me and Nikki have been writing in the last few weeks is everything from Kings And Queens-era Aerosmith to 39 by Queen, you know… we’re just writing some way, way out there stuff; some fun, fun rock!

KNAC.COM: Given that you are considering touring the record, even though you’ve only done a couple of shows and are getting your sea-legs, are you going to take the mike at any point and rip out “Red House”?
GUNS: You know, that never even crossed my mind -- I did it on my birthday! That’s the only song I can sing! That, and “Chinese Rocks”… you know, that’s kind of-- maybe, I think, the plot of the band is to do “whatever” live. We’re looking forward to opening for, at least, two or three months, you know? Just a short 45-minute set, opening for bands that are huge… and getting the point of the band across, which is: A FUN BRUTAL ROCK BAND! And… when we start headlining, we’ll probably stretch out and I’ll probably get to do something like that. We’ll probably add a few [LA] Guns and [Motley] Crue songs to the set, too. Regardless of what people think, a lot of those are great songs, and, you know, and those fans -- some of our fans -- are definitely gonna wanna hear ‘em. So, by the time we’re headlining, there’ll be a lot of music going on up there on stage!

KNAC.COM: So this isn’t a side project, this is a full-on band, “no ifs, ands or buts”?
GUNS: Oh, no, no, no! This is OUR band! You know, umm… the other bands, the Guns and the Crue, and that stuff -- that stuff is always gonna be there; it’s already established. We can do it whenever we need to. You know, Nikki’s planning on doing something in 2005 with the Crue… you know at least a tour -- and they have a movie coming out, so, he’s going to have to get busy at the end of 2004, probably, with the Crue, for at least a year. And, at that time… you know, I’m probably going to take a break! Because I’ve been kinda going nonstop -- all the way from… well, from then until now! [Laughs] I didn’t’ ever take a break with LA Guns; my first and last break was when I went right from the last LAG tour, into the Brides rehearsal room, with only two days in between.

KNAC.COM: So then you’re not on this new LA Guns thing, then?
GUNS: No, no.

KNAC.COM: That’s pretty weird.
GUNS: Oh, well, ehhh… I don’t know. They-- they just did a cover record, though.

KNAC.COM: I saw that on the site. All covers. I thought that picture of Phil was a hats-off to Johnny Thunders…
GUNS: Well, with LAG, we were all trying to! When we started, it was something like, “Why don’t we all just look like Johnny Thunders from different eras?” [Laughs] Okay, that works! So, you know, they’re staying true to their tradition.

KNAC.COM: Well, I feel a lot of that off the Here Comes The Brides CD.
GUNS: Yeah… you know a lot of people say that it sounds more like LA Guns than Motley Crue… which is interesting…

KNAC.COM: Well, you and Nikki both seem to dig him.
GUNS: Yeah! Well, the band, musically, I guess it could -- the diversity. But the reality is that London [Le Grand] is just so amazing as a vocalist! I’ve never worked with a guy that was technically as, as… bellowing. Same with Nikki. Does that sound right? But, anyway, the music is pretty much true to the stuff that we dig.

KNAC.COM: It’s got a real “punk ‘n roll” feel to it.
GUNS: Yeah, well, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to shake that, and I think that’s a good thing!

KNAC.COM: I wanted to ask you: I was curious about, after watching the evolution of The Brides, online…
GUNS: [Laughs] As was the rest of the world!

KNAC.COM: As was the rest of the world! You were first going to be “Cockstar”… then “Motordog”…
GUNS: Yeah. I liked, “Cockstar.” Yeah, “Cockstar”… it’s so… it’s just so fucked!

KNAC.COM: And now, The Brides Of Destruction… that was-- wasn’t there another band around LA calledThe Brides?
GUNS: There was The Mail-Order Brides, although I think there’s some band called The Brides right now. They might be trying to get us to stop using the name, “The Brides Of Destruction”…

KNAC.COM: Weird.
GUNS: We’ll let them spend all their money on lawyer bills…

KNAC.COM: But I read that Nikki said the name came along in thinking that “The Brides Of Destruction” was kind of like “The Lords Of The New Church.”
GUNS: Right. We were looking for that, “Sisters Of Mercy” kinda, you know -- because all the names right now, are like, you know, one word, “Tit” and “Reef”…

KNAC.COM: “Trapt” or “Tantric”…
GUNS: “Cheese”… [Laughs] We wanted as many words in our name as possible.

KNAC.COM: Did you ever like The Lords Of The New Church?
GUNS: I liked The Dead Boys. The Lords Of The New Church was, like, Mick Cripps’ thing. He used to really dig The Lords Of The New Church and I went and saw ‘em a couple of times with him. I always liked the vibe and the songs, but they were never gnarly enough for me. I mean, honestly, I like a little bit louder guitar.

KNAC.COM: I was curious, because I found out quite accidentally, that – that Brian James reformed the band, recently, with a new singer.

KNAC.COM: Yeah… in fact, I read that they were only just a few days ago, out in LA, at some place calledIncineration.
GUNS: Oh, fuck! I didn’t know anything about that.

KNAC.COM: Yeah, uh-- go to http://thelordsofthenewchurch.com and, well -- you’d be surprised! I didn’t really go over the site too much, I’ve been busy…
GUNS: I wonder who’s singing; I wonder if it’s somebody cool.

KNAC.COM: I don’t know. I think it’s [Dave] Treganna; and [Brian] James; and I don’t know if Turner is there. Obviously not Stiv [Bators, who died in Paris years ago]…
GUNS: I’m gonna have to go check it out, ‘cause I knew all those guys, back then. ‘Cuase they were-- a couple of those guys who played with Cherry Bomb and Andy McCoy, and all different, different combinations of those guys. Over and over and over again. From like, ’82, ’83, to like, ‘90, really. I mean, they kept reforming and doing shit! [Laughs] You know, I do like them -- I like that whole scene, but growing up in LA, there were all these great scenes to hang out in. Quirky kinds of music, you know? Like, for a while, at the same time, a lot of people were really into, Specimen and music like that. I remember when Specimen came and played the Roxy, and I wanted to punch that singer so bad. I’m like, “God, dude! Could you just be cool, for five minutes?” You know?

KNAC.COM: [Laughs]
GUNS: All that imagery was so cool; the tunes were cool, you know? It was kinda like Zodiac Mindwarp… they were my favorite fuckin’ band!

KNAC.COM: OH, DUDE! I love Zodiac Mindwarp!
GUNS: Right? Yeah, I fuckin’ love that band! And then I saw these guys -- I was at the Ford Theatre, I think it was just like, the bass player and the guitar player -- they were wearing like, little black tights with like, these mean, angry mustaches and beards, running around like elves!

KNAC.COM: [Laughs]
GUNS: Right? I mean, how less heavy could you be? [Laughs] But, Zodiac -- he was just so fuckin’ cool! He was just, like, that guy didn’t give a fuck about anything! His lyrics were funny as hell… and then he had his merry men, bouncing around, and then, I was – like with Specimen -- “This isn’t my favorite band anymore…”

KNAC.COM: Did you see Zodiac Mindwarp when he was at The Key Club in 2001?
GUNS: No… this-- that-- was, fuckin’… God… ’87, ’88? At the Ford Theater.

KNAC.COM: You guys were on the same label, I think.
GUNS: Yeah! We were both on Vertigo. We had the EP before we got signed at Vertigo -- the Zodiac EP -- which was tremendous!

KNAC.COM: Uh… you mean The High Priest Of Love EP?
GUNS: Yeah… I think it was, before Prime Mover, right? Or was that the album?

KNAC.COM: Prime Mover was the album. High Priest had “High Heel Heaven” and…
GUNS: Yeah! Yeah! Right! The dirtiest guitar sound ever! Sooo good!

KNAC.COM: With that in mind: what do you think of The Darkness?
GUNS: Ummm… they are… a paradox.

KNAC.COM: Aren’t they? They have that weird “Queen” thing, but they strike me as having that Zodiac Mindwarp/Four Horsemen thing with the guitar…
GUNS: Yeah… I mean, again: their next record will probably be so much better than this record, that I’ll probably really start diggin’ it. But right now, I – I’m glad that they’re being a “rock” band, and that they’re having success, and that people are understanding that they are serious and that they’re not joking. I can’t honestly say that I would put the record on and listen to it -- that’s the only problem I have. They need to get a little bit gnarlier for me; but they didn’t put their band together for me. You know? And people love it. Most of the time, I’m wrong about music anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

KNAC.COM: Have you really? Do you feel like you’ve been wrong about bands before?
GUNS: I think, you know, I generally don’t like what’s popular, for some reason, I mean, I was like that with Smashing Pumpkins, and all of a sudden, they overtook my brain for a while. Sometimes I’m a little late. I hear something, and it’s like, “Ehhhh. It’s alright…” you know? It’s not like when I was younger and Van Halen 1 came out and I went, “OH MY GOD!” You know what I mean? I like when music’s that good -- that you just go: “OH MY GOD!” you know? The Darkness doesn’t make me go, “OH MY GOD!” I guess that’s the best way to put it. I have a problem: I’m like a primitive knucklehead when it comes to rock -- you have to beat me in the head. You know?

KNAC.COM: Well, what about, I’m curious now: Was there ever a band, that, you saw them live -- maybe early on -- and thought, “This is just the Gayest bunch of Gaylords in Gaytown, and the stupidest crap I’ve ever heard! This is TERRIBLE!” and then they got fucking huge? You know?
GUNS: [Laughs] Mmm, uh… well, Trixter kinda got huge…

KNAC.COM: [Laughs]
GUNS: They kinda were everywhere for a while… [Laughs] I’m trying to think… If anyone I ever saw and went, “No!”… uh… nah… I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve ever really been surprised by people’s success, ‘cause you know, like my best friend always says, “There’s an ass for every saddle.”

KNAC.COM: [Laughs] Nice.
GUNS: You know… so, I’m surprised at some bands that didn’t get big. I’m surprised that Jetboy wasn’t huge.

KNAC.COM: Oh, yeah… Jetboy.
GUNS: They came out about the same time we did, as Faster [Pussycat] and Guns ‘N Roses, and they got signed about the same time outta LA, and they were fucking amazing! First record came out -- that was it. Broke my heart more than it broke their heart. Redd Kross never got huge, either…

KNAC.COM: Redd Kross was great!
GUNS: There’s just some people [that] it bewildered me how it just did not happen.

KNAC.COM: Well, I don’t feel bad for the dude from Redd Kross, ‘cause he married the chick from The Go-Go’s, so…
GUNS: Right! Yeah, he sure did! [Laughs]

KNAC.COM: Now- when you guys were starting up “The Brides”, I remember around the same time, Velvet Revolver was doing their audition process for a lead singer-
GUNS: uh-huh..

KNAC.COM: Did you guys happen to share any potential lead singer candidates, or was it always London?
GUNS: It was always London. Once we figured out he could sing, and he blew us away, we didn’t have to see anybody else. We didn’t see anybody before him, you know? And then I ran into Matt Sorum at-- the Chili Peppers? No, not at the Chili Peppers -- the uh… Jane’s Addiction on that New Year’s, and they still hadn’t nailed it down yet. One of the guys that works for them called me up and we talked for a while… it’s such a hard thing, to front a band like that. I think the couple of guys that Slash had were pretty cool… Eric Dover was a real genius, and Rod from Snakepit was awesome! It was pretty cool but, London, for some reason, is a rock star, I can’t explain it. It’s hard to find that “rockstar.” So they got a bona fide rock star to fit who they are. They’re rock stars.

KNAC.COM: So now it’s full-on Brides of Destruction!
GUNS: Yeah -- hell yeah. And it’s fun. Fun, brutal rock.

KNAC.COM: And you’ve signed on with Sanctuary.
GUNS: Yeah! Well, it was kind of – we had such a weird fuckin’ struggle trying to figure out where this record was gonna go. At first, within five weeks after putting the band together, we had our Japanese deal. And we were like, “Well now what?”-- They expect a record like, in five minutes. And I was thinking, we’re not gonna do it until we figure out what we’re doing here. We talked to Universal, and we talked to Michael Goldstone who was at Dreamworks at the time, and then he left, and he still hasn’t really resurfaced. So, we never really thought about doing the indie route at all, you know? So, well, who else is there? Kovack, our manager, he met with all the heads of the majors, and a lot of people were willing to spend the cash, but no one was getting the band. People were like, “Oh yeah, I’ll dump a couple of hundred grand into it and we’ll see what happens.” And that’s like the last thing we wanted. Who wants to hear that? You want to hear: “Fuck! I love this band!” you know? And a lot of the older cats at the label didn’t get it.
So, what happened was, we kind of shut down shop. This is supposed to be fun and we didn’t want to be sitting around waiting on phone calls from labels figuring out where our record’s gonna go, you know? Who’s gonna believe in the record? It’s a given -- the record is what it is, it’s a fine record and we really dig it, and we think other people would too. So, all of a sudden out of nowhere, Merc, at Sanctuary, was like, “You know, I love this band!” And we were like, “Hey, that’s a good start!” You should love this band if you’re gonna sign us. And it just snowballed from there, you know?
It happened I guess, kind of in, like, October, November… around there. And they gave us a game plan, a marketing plan and they’ve been sticking to it: and all of a sudden, The Brides are fucking everywhere around LA. It’s like, they’re paying the street teams in all fifty United States, you know what I mean? They’re out there -- they’re handing out flyers! And we have a Billboard at the Rainbow now.

KNAC.COM: That’s cool!
GUNS: So, they’ve just done more than any major label would do for this band. So we’re just completely freakin’ out, and our record is just – it came out in Japan on Christmas and it’s already sold more than the last three LA Guns records put together worldwide. We’re not worried about that, label part, anymore now. We’re just like, “Okay! Let’s go and tour now!” And this press week – we’ve been doing this for like, two weeks now.

KNAC.COM: That’s exciting, right?
GUNS: It’s really exciting! And it’s been positive. Although, one guy from France goes, “I didn’t like the record.” And we all laughed and asked him why, and he went, “I want more heavy sound!”

KNAC.COM: [Laughs]
GUNS: Well, okay… sorry. You know, that was like, the most weird thing we’ve heard so far.

KNAC.COM: Well, I don’t know about France, but it’s great. A great record. And it’s got a sound that-- there’s hard stuff, and some ballad stuff, in a way [that’s] very, very “old school”… something for everyone. Plus you have one or two songs that could go right to pop radio… they actually kind of remind me of old school power ballads, you know?
GUNS: Yeah, well, that’s who we are. We’re not gonna pretend. We have enough confidence in ourselves that, we’re pretty much, the best of what our genre from the ‘80s had to offer, you know? If we can’t have people enjoy our music, then we were never real.

KNAC.COM: And you’re on Maiden’s label, how cool is that? Did you go see Maiden when they came through LA?
GUNS: No, but I heard about it all the next day from everybody. “How come you didn’t go to Maiden?”

KNAC.COM: You guys are on the same label, you have the same publicist… Tracii… you have to get on that and soak them for all the free stuff! Get on that!
GUNS: [Laughs] I know, I know. And I love Maiden, too; I’ll work on it. I’ll work on it.

KNAC.COM: Did you see Bowie when he was in LA?
GUNS: Oh, not this last time, no. I heard he was really, really good though!

KNAC.COM: Oh, dude... dude! I saw him at The Garden! In December-
GUNS: My friends said it’s totally “rock”!

KNAC.COM: It’s awesome! He played, “All the Young Dudes” and “Hang on to Yourself”! Fucking amazing!
GUNS: Wow, man!

KNAC.COM: It was stellar, dude! I was gonna review that show for KNAC, but then I thought: “No way. This is too perfect. I’m keeping this one for myself!” And I swear to God that man is drinking the blood of children, ‘cause he looks fucking great!
GUNS: Oh, no -- he’s a vampire, dude! There’s no doubt about it. David Bowie, man. You know, it’s funny: this is me being wrong about music again. When I was a kid, I was like, “Bowie? Nah…” and then “Fame” came out, and I was like, “That’s a great song.” Right? And then a few years ago-- a few years ago I discovered Mick Ronson, although Mick Cripps had talked about Mick Ronson ever since I was 19. And I was like, “Oh, yeah, that’s the guy that Randy Rhoads stole his image from!” and Randy was my favorite guitar player and I go, “Yeah, he’s cool!” And all of a sudden, I started downloading all these video clips of Mick Ronson and listening to his solo record, and all the Bowie shit he did, and that stuff… and now, especially for the last couple of years, I totally dig Bowie. You know? And the same with Mark Bolan. He was doing stuff I liked, but I didn’t really get the full grasp, you know? And, as time goes on, it’s like, “Wow!” Because, you know why it was? Because Sweet was so much heavier. And I always liked Sweet and those types of bands, that, if you saw ‘em in an alley, they’d beat your fuckin’ head in. You know, I like being scared of the bands I like. That’s why I like WASP so much.

KNAC.COM: Do you like a lot of “scary” bands? Do you find yourself gravitating towards, like, a lot of the new stuff, or the black metal that’s out there?
GUNS: Aww… not really. Those guys kinda scare me in an uncomfortable way.

KNAC.COM: They can be funny to look at….
GUNS: I mean, I really did like some of the bands before them, like Napalm Death… And, uh… Obituary. Those bands, to me, were kind of the precursor to Pantera, and then, or now later, black metal. But they were still, like, super-intense rock! They were just like, gnarlier than any rock band ‘cause they were so rock! But the first time I heard grindcore, I think it was Bolt-Thrower…

KNAC.COM: Bolt-Thrower? Good Lord!
GUNS: You know? I could tell it was a drum-machine with a guy singing through a harmonizer, you know? But I thought that was pretty bad-ass… “Wow! That guy’s just sitting at home in his apartment with a drum-machine going, BLAAARRRGGGGHH!”

KNAC.COM: [Laughs]
GUNS: And I just thought to myself, “How cool is that?” [Laughs] I would never really want to do it, ‘cause first of all, my wrists would hurt… playing guitar like that ~ brrrrrrrrr~! [Laughs] for AN HOUR every night? And you know, there’s no chicks on those kind of tours…[Laughs]

KNAC.COM: Right. The “sausage-fests.”
GUNS: My wife just goes, “There’s not supposed to be chicks on tour!”

KNAC.COM: Wife? When did you get married?
GUNS: My girlfriend… that qualifies us.

KNAC.COM: This is the lady you thanked in the credits?
GUNS: Right! She’s the only one I thanked in the credits! [Laughs] “Thanks, Kristen!”

KNAC.COM: That’s a smart move!
GUNS: She was mad at me, until I showed her that. Then she was like, “Oh, you’re pretty cool, okay.” For ten minutes…

KNAC.COM: Will that carry you through Valentine’s Day?
GUNS: Yes! [Laughs]

KNAC.COM: All right, I know I have to move along here… I wanted to ask-- OH! Hey, HEY! That Nikki has a new book or something coming out -- how come there’s no LA Guns book?
GUNS: Well… I-- I figured eventually. You know, I would do one, kinda starting in like, 1981, or when Randy Rhoads died, maybe 1982, or around that kinda time, you know? From there until after the first record of Brides. Then that kind of covers Guns ‘N Roses and LA Guns… you know? Everything in between. Me playing with some other heavy people and then me doing the Brides thing… it would be kinda like, a good first half. Something like that. Because, if I based a book just on LA Guns, it would be great for LA Guns fans, but I don’t think enough people would be interested ‘cuause there wouldn’t be enough, kinda dirty, you know, “shit” in it.

KNAC.COM: Well, it could be “Tracii Guns Plus-“ whatever…
GUNS: Well, yeah. That’s what I would do. I would do kind of an all-encompassing, really great, fun book, just telling about the, you know, the homeless days, to being rich, back to being homeless, back to being rich [Laughs]. And all the crazy people you meet along the way. And there definitely were some crazy people. It’s a good story, you know? I just have to really bolt it down. Timing is everything.

KNAC.COM: Well, if you don’t do it- I want to!
GUNS: [Laughs] Okay.. we can talk about it! And get it done right! That’s the other thing, is that I need someone to write it with me, that understands the whole scope of what it is we’re writing about. You know? That’s the important thing.

KNAC.COM: I’m in. [Laughs] Call Nikki.
GUNS: Well, now, Nikki’s book is really interesting, because it is a whole year’s diary from 1987 to 1988, or ’88 to ’89; one of those. And it’s got-- there’s not a lot of editing, but there’s a lot of narration. So, there’ll be a page from like, one day, and it’ll say what happened that day, and then he’ll add in a comment about what else happened that day. “This day was, this, that, and the other…” and I think one of the guys that he was doing it with, was like, his personal assistant that year. It’s going to be a really, really interesting read. All of his writing is very interesting.

KNAC.COM: I just got this book over Christmas, called, “The Encyclopedia Of Heavy Metal”…
GUNS: Right! I bought that for him for his birthday.

KNAC.COM: Yeah? Well, there’s a full, huge picture of LA Guns in there…
GUNS: Did I miss that?

KNAC.COM: Barnes & Noble. Get it at Barnes & Noble…
GUNS: (aside) Hey, where’s that place we buy books at, Kris? [Reacting] No, not there. The one with Starbucks?

KNAC.COM: Well, I mean, it’s printed by Barnes & Noble Books…
GUNS: Oh it is? I guess they’re getting hip, now, huh?

[Interruption from PR chick Jodi) Mick, Tracii, can we make this the last question?

KNAC.COM: Okay. No problem. Okay, Tracii -- Larry King-style: Any final thoughts? Final thoughts?
GUNS: Well, uh [Laughs] we’re coming out to rock! The Brides are on their way. It’s all rock and keep rockin’!

KNAC.COM: Right on!

The first CD from The Brides Of Destruction will be out on March 9th on Sanctuary Records and Tapes…

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