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From The Ground Up: An Exclusive Interview With Vocalist SARABETH LINDEN & Guitarist JAMES DANZO Of TOWER

By Larry Petro, News Monkey
Tuesday, October 18, 2016 @ 12:04 AM

"It's a losing battle trying to sell recorded music, that's my fatalistic opinion of it — that's gone, it's too easy to share."

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Interview By: Cynthia Fields-Jalil, Jalil Photos Rock

TOWER is an up and coming hard rock/metal band based out of Brooklyn, New York that was recently signed to THE END RECORDS. TOWER’s band members are: Sarabeth Linden, lead vocalist, James Danzo, guitar, Philippe Arman, bassist & back-up vocals, Justin Sherrell, drums and Zak Penley, guitar.

TOWER is a band that has been around for roughly a year and a half now. TOWER’s vocals and riffs are power packed, freshly organic and they are currently grabbing the music industry’s attention by their musical notes while successfully snagging up a ton of new fans and supporters. Make sure to grab your copy of TOWER’s self-titled debut album that releases on October 28, 2016 and experience them for yourselves like I did!

I recently had the opportunity to pick TOWER vocalist Sarabeth Linden and guitarist James Danzo's brains regarding their flourishing musical careers and aspirations.

KNAC.COM: How & where did the formation of the band take place?

LINDEN: I was in a band called DOG FOOD (laughing), with Zak, our other guitarist. The other musicians were okay, but I wasn’t really vibing with them. Eventually I quit, and Zak said to the rest of the band, “Wherever Sarabeth is going, I’m going with her!” One day I asked James to join and then we started it off — this was about a year and a half ago now.

KNAC.COM: Why the name TOWER?

LINDEN: Well, I was like there is no fucking way I’m playing in a band called DOG FOOD(laughing)! We’re not a punk band, we’re a metal band. If I was in a punk band, that would work but I’m not singing punk. We were in a text thread and one of the guitarists of DOG FOOD was like 'how about TOWER?' And we all said that sounds pretty cool. It just kinda stayed and so we kept it!

KNAC.COM: What does TOWER mean to you?

DANZO: It doesn’t have any boundaries. It’s not very descriptive, it could be anything — it’s just a classic name like KISS, RUSH and JOURNEY. What does it really have to do with the music? I don’t know, but it’s a cool name. You are going to remember the name! Everybody is telling us that people are going to have trouble when they Google us - I don’t think so. Have you ever tried to Google KISS? Add the name of a song, and you’ll find the band. So, people have given us a little talk about that, but we love the name and we’re sticking with it!

KNAC.COM: How, where & when were you discovered and when did TOWER officially sign to The End Records?

LINDEN: We played a show with the band TOURNAMENT. They’re based out of Brooklyn as well. We played with them (James chimed in with January 30th). James knows every single date! We played with them at this place called Union Pool in Brooklyn. It was some sort of release, they’re also signed to The End Records, or were signed to The End Records. They showed up and were really into us and sought us out!

DANZO: They scouted us. They came to a few more shows, invited us to the office, and on Zak’s birthday this year on June 29th, we went and signed the contract with them. Two of us did it with a quill pen that Philippe [Arman, bass and backup vocals] brought to the office. I couldn’t work the thing so I had to use a regular pen!

LINDEN: They are a smaller label, which is cool because they are focused on us and they’ve been hooking it up as far as magazines and interviews.

DANZO: Yeah, The End has given us a lot of freedom. They really push us, they’ve been blowing us up, so now we’ve just gotta get a couple of tours going and hopefully things will really take off!

KNAC.COM: You are an extremely powerful lead vocalist, how long have you been singing?

LINDEN: Well, thank you! I started singing, or at least found my voice in middle school. I was in the choir, I was in theater, and that became my life - I was like a theater nerd (laughing)! I would take voice lessons, I was involved in the school philharmonic and also involved in NYSMA. It's like the regents for voice. It's good for your resume and for college. Then I sang at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. It's rad that I was there, but I got booed off of the stage! It traumatized me — being sixteen and getting booed, you have to have a lot of guts, a lot of backbone. It sort of hurt me and I stopped singing after that. I got back into it slowly. I realized that R&B and MARIAH CAREY isn’t great for my voice. I realized that metal is, and rock and roll, and I started singing with a bunch of bands here in Brooklyn. TOWER is my third real band that I’ve been in.

KNAC.COM: Are you a professionally trained vocalist or are you naturally gifted?

LINDEN: I did study voice for a while, but I don’t really use those techniques anymore. I tried to take voice lessons in March, right before our last tour. It’s expensive and everything revolves around your voice. You can’t eat certain things, you can’t do certain things. I was kinda laid back with the whole thing - I guess it's come naturally to me. I don’t think that I am professionally trained by any means. There is still a lot for me to learn when it comes to my voice. Smoking cigarettes doesn’t help either.

KNAC.COM: Why singing?

LINDEN: I’ve always been singing, dancing, and performing. I was always very active as child. I love to perform, it's not even just the singing part, I really love to put on a show. I’m a musician and so it comes naturally.

KNAC.COM: (To James) Are you a professionally trained guitarist or are you self-taught?

DANZO: I’m more self-taught than properly trained. I started playing guitar when I was nine years old. My mother bought me lessons. She wanted me to take guitar lessons because I was so into rock and roll. She would buy me tapes when I was growing up. I needed the MOTLEY CRUE tapes!

KNAC.COM: Why the guitar?

DANZO: Why the guitar? I was inspired by SLASH - when I was a little kid, I wanted to be him! He gave me the inspiration to pick up a guitar after seeing what he did with it! In hindsight, I wish I had stayed taking lessons when I was young, but they had a very antiquated text book system, it was called “Guitar For The Small Fry”, and I wanted to play ANTHRAX! Ever since then I’ve been mostly self-taught. I don’t know if it's worked in my favor, but I developed a style and it is what it is.

KNAC.COM: What was the name of your first band and in what way did that first band experience contribute to where you are today?

LINDEN: My first band was a cover band, we were called the PSYCHO HIPPIES. I sang back-up and played the tambourine. It was cool, we’d play like 50’s, 60’s doo-wop and made it punk! Doo-wop is right next to metal and rock and roll for me. I grew-up on doo-wop.

DANZO: The first band I was in was called RFD - which stood for RECIPE FOR DISASTER, but we also made up a lot of other things for it! I don’t want to give away the year, but I was about thirteen years old. I played bass in that band — for a while I switched to bass after I initially started playing guitar. We did a couple of parties and a couple of demos so, that counts as a band, they were the first! How did it affect me now? It was the start. TOWER doesn’t have much in common with RFD, but it was the start of it all. We played to audiences.

KNAC.COM: So, who is your favorite doo-wop artist?

LINDEN: Who is my favorite? Hmmm, well the RONETTES, FRANKIE VALLI… I’m really into the RAMONES, and I know that that is not 60’s, but the RAMONES were influenced by that type of music.

KNAC.COM: What is your proudest accomplishment as an artist & why?

LINDEN: Hmmm, let me think about that one! Well, I think it’s really awesome that we’re signed. I worked at Sirius XM Radio for three years as a Board Operator - I was always behind the scenes running live shows, but I always wanted to be part of the talent (laughing). So last year on September 11th I decided that I was gonna quit and just pursue this band. It’s really cool to see other people appreciating it, and having the support is huge — without support, you are just another band. You need money to do things and you need money to tour, you need money for everything. Having support and having people backing us, I think, is our biggest accomplishment! Yeah, I know there are a lot of great shows that we’ve played, but this is huge!

DANZO: Well, I’ve had a few accomplishments, but I would agree that getting signed is the biggest and the proudest! I’ve been playing a long time to get to this level… it's fun playing clubs and everything but, it's just different when you are on a label — we already feel the push. It's a great feeling and it's definitely on top of the list! There have been a few other ones. I played in a band called DECEASED - which is a Death Metal band that started quite a while ago, they were the first band signed to RELAPSE RECORDS ever! I played some festivals with them for several thousand people, that was a real dream come true, I still can’t believe it! And also to record, anytime that we record anything I feel a true sense of accomplishment — it's important to etch it in stone. We write songs, we save them, and its always proud to go back looking through them for me!

KNAC.COM: Who are some of your favorite female and/or male artists and what type of inspiration have you taken from each of them?

LINDEN: I really love RONNIE JAMES DIO! Seriously, out of every Heavy Metal singer, RONNIE JAMES DIO was so pure and so real, and apparently a really nice person. I look up to that! I feel like being a great singer is one thing, but also being a good person is another. I strive to be like him! His voice is absolutely the best Heavy Metal voice of all time! He was a magical man. I’ve had dreams of him, I’ve had dreams of singing to him. I feel like I live through the spirit of him (laughing happily), everyday I wake up I think of RONNIE JAMES DIO. I don’t know why, I just feel very connected to him, not that I’m comparing myself to him — not at all, but he is honestly one of the greatest singers of all time.

DANZO: I saw DIO at Irving Plaza in New York City and I met him at an in-store when they released Magica at Slipped Disc Records in Valley Stream. He asked me “What’s your name?” and I said “James,” and he goes "Cool name!" And I met him again when HEAVEN AND HELL - which is really BLACK SABBATH - got back together in 2007. I wore a t-shirt that said “Little Italy” on it because it was a joke that at that time BLACK SABBATH was Geezer and three Italians; Vinnie, Ronnie & Tony. So I showed-up with the “Little Italy” shirt (laughing) and Dio looked and said 'Don’t show Geezer!’ They all looked and laughed, it was great! He’s a legend — he put out so much great music! Okay so DIO definitely! Some of my first favorite bands were DEF LEPPARD, MOTLEY CRUE, METALLICA, GUNS & ROSES, AEROSMITH, BLACK SABBATH. I like Thrash bands like ANTHRAX, SLAYER, VOIVOD - I love all of the Metal Massacre Compilations and a lot of that classic Metal that was on Metal Blade Records in the early mid-80’s. My favorite guitar player of all time living or dead, Marty Friedman, I think that guy is just the most incredible player, I wish I could do what he does! Randy Rhoads - I’d sit and listen to Randy Rhoads constantly! On Youtube there’s lessons of Randy Rhoads that one of his students recorded and I sit there and listen like I was in the room with Randy and he is teaching me. I study Randy Rhoads! Tony Iommi, Kirk Hammett, Glenn Tipton, Adrian Smith, these are the guys that I try to emulate with my guitar playing! And THE COASTERS, THE DRIFTERS and God THE FOUR TOPS, I could go on and on!

KNAC.COM: How receptive have the music venues been to you and your bandmates with consideration to TOWER being female fronted?

LINDEN: A lot of people have been describing us as female fronted - I think it's lame. It's true I am female, and I am fronting a band, but people shouldn’t go by that, you know? Why can’t it be just a straight up rock band? I know that the genre Heavy Metal mainly consists of men, but there are a lot of chicks that are also doing this and I don’t think it needs to be gender influenced. I feel like everyone should just call it rock & roll — there shouldn’t be any gender specific labels, I feel like it kind of confuses things. It's cool to see a chick singing for a band, but I don’t understand why there needs to be a brand for that.

KNAC.COM: As you already know, this IS for the most part a male-dominated industry and so, with that said, whenever you DO or have confirmed to your industry peers that your band IS in fact female fronted, what kind of reaction have you typically gotten?

DANZO: I don’t even think about it! It's weird to me that it's still a novelty, I mean there’s been so many amazing female singers in every genre. Why is it a novelty? If someone has a female drummer or guitarist, they don’t say “featuring a girl on guitar.” It’s a little weird, but I don’t know, I don’t think about it past that — I don’t feel any kind of reaction from anybody other than a lot of appreciation usually. All the audiences and clubs have been cool.

LINDEN: It's not Sarabeth and TOWER, it's TOWER. We are a unit. I have male & female energy and I feel like most people do. Why are they not comparing me to men?

KNAC.COM: What are your overall thoughts regarding today’s rock music scene? Do you feel like it is slowly dying or do you feel like there is a resurgence slowly happening?

LINDEN: I feel like Metal is still going strong, especially here in Brooklyn. There's a huge rock & roll scene here. But I can’t name a band that's making me feel how I feel towards older bands of the 70’s & the 80’s. There are bands that are going for it and trying to bring it back and I respect that! The rock & roll comeback is rad to see, but I don’t know how real it is. For TOWER, we play whatever we want, it doesn’t have to be just Metal, we play rock & roll, we have hints of Thrash, we have hints of Punk, we include everything and all influences in our music. And I feel like most bands these days are going for a specific genre that is already there and not new. It doesn’t feel fresh anymore. There are really cool bands here in Brooklyn who are doing a good job — I have a bunch of friends who are in popular killer bands and they’re doing well, they’re making money and they have good music but, I don’t know — its not the same rock & roll that we once knew. Sometimes feels forced.

DANZO: I don’t know, it's a weird time for music and for the industry especially! As far as the art part of it, we’re in an era now where things have been pushed to so many extremes that you can’t go any further in some respects. And now, I think people are in a review mode, we’re going back and seeing what we might have missed the first time around, seeing what worked and what didn’t, then going back and picking out the best of what's already been done to create something new with it. As far as rock & roll being alive or dead, I think a lot of that has to do with bands making money. Years ago people used to say “Home taping is killing music.” But back then, at least you had to make tapes, pay, trade, pick out your things ya know, mail it to somebody…. now it's YouTube and everything is just out there at once. So, what do you do with that? It's almost like an Honor System, if you want to support the band, you can pay to stream it. It's a weird era!

KNAC.COM: That brings me to my next question. How do you guys feel about that, I mean are you guys cool with somebody doing this Facebook Live at your shows to where everybody’s watching you? Do you feel like people are getting excited about it and to where people are going ‘Oh wow, I’ve gotta go check these guys out!’, or what about recording your performance for YouTube and then putting it out there? What I’m finding is a lot of folks are like ‘Why pay so much money for a ticket, when all I’ve got to do is go on YouTube and watch a show for free?’ So, what are both of your thoughts with regard to that?

LINDEN: Again, it’s a tough industry these days. We have so much access to music — it's overwhelming almost! Back in the 70’s & 80’s, you didn’t have this access, you’d have to go see bands, you’d have to buy their records. I went to a record store today and I’m looking at these records and I’m like “Why am I going to add more to my record collection when I have it all on Spotify & YouTube?” It's sad honestly. Playing live is a totally different thing. It's really important to go see live music, to support your friends, and to support music in general. This is where the money is — not through records, not through Instagram followers, but through live shows & merch! Besides that, it's really important to see live music because that’s where the magic happens, that's the real deal! And a lot of people say this about us, ‘Oh, we really like your music, but seeing you live is completely different and seeing you live is so much better!' You know we’re in a society and a culture now that we don’t have to leave our homes and we don’t have to communicate with people. We don’t have to talk to people face-to-face anymore, we don’t have to watch anything in person. I feel like live music, since it is still available to us, we should be supporting it, I really feel for that!

DANZO: It's modern day bootlegging, which is something I’ve always enjoyed. I like the exposure. A YouTube video only makes me want to go to the show even more if I like it. Watching a video is no substitute for being there. I think it can inspire people to come out and see it in person. So, I think that's safe, the live show as a way to make money, with things being the way they are — live shows & merch, like Sarabeth said. It's a losing battle trying to sell recorded music, that's my fatalistic opinion of it — that's gone, it's too easy to share.

KNAC.COM: TOWER’s self-titled debut release comes out on October 28th. When did its inception first happen, was it before or after TOWER signed with The End Records?

LINDEN: It was before, we started literally a year and a half ago. We got together and instantly started writing music. We started building up a set and then we recorded it in..was it December? (James chimed in with January 24, six days before the show at Union Pool) Oh my God, James literally remembers every date! (laughing) So, we recorded in January of this year and we recorded our full set, all of the songs that we had. Oh wait, we also put out an EP before that on Bandcamp! Well, we recorded earlier last year (James chimed in with Memorial Day weekend), Memorial Day weekend of 2015 (laughing)! So, we recorded three songs and we put those up on Bandcamp and a lot of people were into that and we continued writing our set. We were going on tour and we wanted to make tapes, and so we recorded and made tapes, went out and come back with money (laughing)!

KNAC.COM: What is the name of the EP, this way your fans can go and check that out too!

LINDEN: The End actually made us take down our stuff and so none of our music is up on Bandcamp, but you can find two songs on Spotify and you can pre-order our album on iTunes. You get those two songs immediately, I’m pretty sure and you get sent the actual copy on October 28th, when the album comes out!

KNAC.COM: What are those two songs called?

LINDEN: One is called “Party (Ready To Roll)”, our party song and the other song is called “Elegy" and those are two songs that are available right now. Once the album comes out we’ll have our Bandcamp up again, I’m assuming. I’m hoping so you can purchase it off of Bandcamp. I don’t really know what they want us to do but - I’m still learning the business, I really don’t know how this all works (nervously laughing)!

KNAC.COM: Did all of you take part in the creative process of writing the lyrics, music and naming the songs?

LINDEN: Yeah, we all did, it was a collective effort I must say! James and I work together a lot, we work together really well. There’s been a bunch of times that James has just come over to my apartment and we just sit on my couch and he plays my acoustic guitar and we just write! I write the lyrics — the melodies, I guess I make up with help sometimes from James. When we get into a room, we all just jam. There is some guidance mainly from James - cause he’s good at songwriting, he really is! What? He’s laughing right now, it's true, he’s just really good at song writing (laughing)! I’m pretty good at arranging! It really is like a collective thing!

KNAC.COM: How long did it take for you to pen all (8) of the songs? Was it a smooth process?

DANZO: “Flames”, “Mountains” and “Hold Onto Me” were first, and they were written and recorded within a month of us getting to together, back on Memorial Day weekend of last year. And after that, well, we’ve had problems with drummers, they’re the most problematic person in the band (laughing), there’s always something and so, we’ve had to change drummers a few times and that sort of slowed down the writing process. But, then we got “Elegy”. It came very quickly after those first three and then we had a break. And then we did "Tower" and “Party (Ready To Roll)” most recently, and the other two were covers. One of the songs is called “Raceway Rock" and it's by a band called KICKS - not the famous band that sang "Cold Blood”, but the band that had Marge Raymond on vocals. She had played with Jimmy Crespo from AEROSMITH - there’s a whole story there! The other one is called "I've Never Been More Alive" which is by our friend in a band called POP ZEUS - our friend Mikey who died on his motorcycle. This was the last song he ever wrote and so we wanted to play it as a tribute to him.

KNAC.COM: I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

DANZO: Yeah, it was a life well lived!

KNAC.COM: What is both of your favorite songs and why?

DANZO: My favorite is “Tower”, which opens the album. It was the most collaborative effort — everyone in the band had a major role in writing that song. It was a really tough song to write, we had the riffs, but arranging it was a nightmare! It took a month and a half just to get the one song together. And then when it came together, my God - what a result!

LINDEN: “Mountains” is an awesome song. It’s the first song we ever wrote and actually the riff was from DOG FOOD, the band that I was talking about earlier. It followed over into TOWER. And that song really developed, I’m really proud of it! I feel like that is one of our heaviest songs on the album. The vocal melodies are really enchanting, the harmonies — the lyrics are okay!

KNAC.COM: What was the inspiration behind either one of those songs?

LINDEN: This album documented my emotions at the time, which was a bad breakup. I put all of my energy into writing songs around it. I feel like love songs are the best songs, singing about love and heartbreak - it's real and everyone goes through it. I feel like I became very powerful through these lyrics and this music. I was able to overcome a lot because of this band. It was a really good outlet for me. The pain I was suffering is what really inspired me through the writing process.

KNAC.COM: What are some of the initial emotions & thought processes that both of you experienced going into the studio?

DANZO: Absolute joy, I love going into the studio! To me it means so much to document your music in that way, your music can travel places that you may never go, and after you’re dead and gone it's still there! I love working in the studio. We work quick, we don’t do too many takes, it's just a rock & roll attitude, we are what we are — we do our best — I love it! This is just what I have to offer in life, we inspire each other, this is it, this is where I belong, and this is what I can do, that's it period. It will never stop!

LINDEN: This whole process has felt very vulnerable for me because I feel like TOWER is my first real band! My voice is the main voice and it's not like I’m hiding behind an instrument, it's like this is my body, this is my voice and I’m singing, I’m very exposed. It tests my inner strengths and it's cool to be able to take risks by putting myself out there and doing what I love. You know there’s a lot of things that go into recording, especially for voice, because you can’t tune your instrument. You have to really take care of your throat if you want a specific sound. There’s a lot of pressure with that, even with going on tour, I have to take care of my body and my voice.

KNAC.COM: What is each of your personal takeaways from TOWER’s first recording experience?

LINDEN: It's just so amazing to be able to listen to your own music. When you’re playing live, the performance really distracts you so you don’t get to really experience the other side. A recording is like a piece of history!

DANZO: Well, the first recording experience with TOWER wasn’t much different from my previous experiences. We’re all friends with Jeff Filmer, the Engineer & Co-Producer of our release. I had been to his studio before. Recording these days is a lot different than it used to be. A band used to be able to go into the studio for a month - you rehearse, you record and then you come out with a record! These days, you might spend a total of 30 or 40 hours on the recording, but it's spread over 3 months of weekends in and out. I hope that one day we are able to go into a studio for two weeks and just stay there and do it the way the bands used to.

KNAC.COM: Is TOWER planning on having a Debut Release Party and if so, where & when will it be held?

LINDEN: It's gonna be on October 22nd at this place in Bushwick in Brooklyn called Shea. Stadium. Not the baseball stadium (laughing as James says; “We’re playing with THE BEATLES!”) We’ll be playing with THE BEATLES at Shea Stadium on October 22nd (laughing again), yeah, October 22nd, it’s a double release show! Our friends TOURNAMENT, who we mentioned before, they’re also releasing an EP. So, it's gonna be a special time and everyone is just going to party really hard!

KNAC.COM: Are you guys selling tickets for it?

LINDEN: I don’t think there is a pre-sale but I’m sure you can buy your tickets at the door and they are probably like ten bucks or something?

DANZO: They might be on TicketFly, a lot of shows are on TicketFly probably - I didn’t look yet but, show up and you won’t get turned down (laughing)!

KNAC.COM: Will there be a tour to support the new release and if so, how soon can your fans anticipate that happening?

LINDEN: Tour is less than a month away! We are leaving on November 1st and the last day of tour is November 12th, it's a quick 2 weeks (James laughing says a Baker’s Dozen!), a Baker’s Dozen (laughing)!

DANZO: That’s the name of the tour, Baker’s Dozen! No, it won’t be (laughing)!

KNAC.COM: So, is there a tour schedule that I can find somewhere?

LINDEN: Well everything is still being finalized right now because we don’t have an agent.

KNAC.COM: Oh wow, you did it yourself? Are you guys coming to Texas?

DANZO: Yeah and she did it before too!

LINDEN: Yeah! Not this time around, the furthest we are going is Kansas City and then we whip around all the way to St Louis. Then we have Rhode Island, Philly and then Richmond, Virginia.

KNAC.COM: With the ever increasing demand from fans to be able to interact with their favorite musicians, what is the best social media outlet for TOWER’s fans to reach you at? How accessible to them are all of you? And will they actually get a response from a band member?

LINDEN: Facebook I feel is easiest. Every band member is connected to it and so we all get the same messages and someone always responds. Instagram is another outlet. Facebook and Instagram are the best ways to contact us.

KNAC.COM: Are you guys on Twitter as well?

LINDEN: We don’t have Twitter, we should have Twitter - I guess I’ll make a Twitter account! I’ve been hesitant on it, it's like there are so many platforms and I guess we should do all of it, right?

KNAC.COM: Well, you know the great thing about Twitter is that you can get direct messages and such from your fans and then you can respond, they can post and that’s basically the way that Twitter works! And with Instagram it's basically photo based. A lot of photographers use it to show their work but yeah, Twitter is more interactive and it gives you a voice whereas Instagram is more photo based! I’m also a Concert Photographer and I shoot all kinds of band like KISS, SKID ROW, THEORY OF A DEAD MAN, PUDDLE OF MUD, JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE and so on and so forth and so, I love it!

DANZO: Okay we'll do it (laughing)!

LINDEN: Right! We love KISS too!

DANZO: They play some cool songs on those on cruises, I’ve seen some videos. I wore a Creatures Of The Night shirt last night! The song “Elegy” was inspired by KISS. I came up with the riff — it reminded me of a bit of a Paul Stanley thing — at least I thought so, I hope so!

KNAC.COM: Do either of you have any parting words for your fans?

LINDEN: Honestly what I’ve learned from this band is you can make dreams come true. If you really want something, you can make it happen! All it really takes is hard work..I know we’re new and we’re not making money yet but I feel really good about this band. I feel the success already, I feel happiness like I’m doing something that I’ve always wanted to do. You can go and make a lot of money somewhere but if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing then what's the point? I think TOWER has changed my life and I am looking forward to more success with them and writing more music and touring! And I am looking forward to meeting more people and I’m really interested in what our fans think of our music. I can’t wait until you hear the next album because it's almost already halfway complete and it's awesome — it's way better than this album!

DANZO: Well, it means the world to me that anybody appreciates any of our music because it’s my life, it’s my heart, and I’ve always done it ever since I was 9 years old! And being in a million bands throughout all of my life — music is everything and so whoever appreciates it is just…how can I even say how much that means, it's the greatest! Come see us live!

KNAC.COM: On behalf of KNAC.COM and the fans, I'd like to thank you both once again for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today!

LINDEN: Yeah, Thank you, it's been fun!

DANZO: Yeah, Thank you, its been fun and you’re awesome!

KNAC.COM: So, you guys just told me that you do something super spectacular & awesome for your fans...what is it that you do?

DANZO: We play "Strutter" by KISS (laughing)! Really, the extraordinary thing about our shows is it's just how we interact with each other. It's hard to get a group of people together that have that sort of energy together. I’ve been in a ton of bands and sometimes it worked better than others, but this is just phenomenal. People see us and tell us after, they’re like “Wow, you guys!” We just played last night and some guy says to me “Wow, you guys just changed the room!’, I don’t know what he meant by that, but it was some sort of energy that took over, from the five of us, just the way we vibe!

KNAC.COM: What do you think Sarabeth?

LINDEN: Totally, it really is about the vibe on stage and selectively putting out fun energy because without that, it’s boring! It's cool that we all vibe off of each other, because it's a really great experience and people that come to see us really respect that and really enjoy it!

KNAC.COM: What kind of response do you get when you play "Strutter"?

LINDEN: “Strutter” is a classic song! If you don’t know “Strutter” then you shouldn’t be seeing TOWER, how about that? Quote me on that (laughing)!

Pre-order TOWER's self-titled album right HERE.

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