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JUNKMAN Reviews MOTORHEAD Live In Los Angeles With Guest Appearance By SLASH!

By Junkman, On-Air Personality
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 @ 7:54 AM

At Club Nokia, Los Angeles 4/11/14

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Motorhead- Club Nokia, Los Angeles 4/11-14 by Junkman A lot has been discussed lately about the recent health issues of MOTORHEAD bassist/frontman GOD, Lemmy Kilmister. Forced to cancel a recent tour, as well as a few upcoming out of town US festival dates next month, one has to worry how much gas the old motor really has. Could this be the last time or last time in a while that we see the mighty MOTORHEAD live?

That question was addressed directly, as soon as they appeared onstage at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles. "Back from the dead, or should I say, Not dead yet", was the first thing out of Lemmy's mouth, even before he recited his standard opening greeting of, "We are MOTORHEAD, we play Rock and Roll" as he and his band mates prepared to brutally assault a sold out crowd, with their signature sonic thud of a sound.

Again, the question was answered as the band kick-started the show with, fittingly, "I Know How To Die" , from 2011's The World Is Yours release, that immediately sprung the moshers and crowd surfers in the audience into action. Security definitely had their hands full throughout the evening, as various pits and said moshers, broke out of all corners of the room, and the crowd surged forward to get as close as possible to their heroes onstage. Business as usual for MOTORHEAD, as they blasted away on a vast array of tunes from various points of their career. "Stay Clean" and "Metropolis" were highlights for me, and I got to my usual point of MOTORHEAD-infused adrenaline rush. Guitarist Phil Campbell's blazing leads led to a guitar solo which segued "Over The Top" and "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch" and featured a very cool guitar with illuminated green L.E.D. lights imbedded in it.

Slowing the tempo down, thankfully for ALL involved, not just Lemmy, the band dipped into their latest release, Aftershock for the terrific "Lost Woman Blues". This, was the only song that was represented from Aftershock, but it was great to see Lemmy's soulful side take stride, as well as let the crowd cool off a bit. But, just like that, the MOTORHEAD engine was revved up again, with a killer version of "Dr Rock", before Mikkey Dee, "The Worlds Greatest Drummer" according to Lemmy, slayed us all, with another brilliant drum solo. Mikkey is a virtual machine. His skills, and stamina behind his huge kit are breathtaking, especially for drummers like me, that watch him play, with our mouths open, randomly saying to no one in particular, "Holy Shit".... To keep that up his tempo throughout a MOTORHEAD set is quite a feat to witness. A big surprise, was when Lemmy brought out his son, Paul Inder, to play guitar on the set-closing "Killed By Death", as well as old friend and UGLY KID JOE singer Whitfield Crane, on vocals, who clearly were having a blast. Lemmy beamed his approval. But the best part was saved for the encore.

Out came guitarist Slash, and as Lemmy strummed his bass, and Mikkey Dee pounded out the intro, Phil Campbell and Slash cranked out the classic "Ace Of Spades" which raised the roof on the Club Nokia. Bodies were flying everywhere, guitars wailing, drums banging, Lemmy's abrasive vocals, this is what it is all about at a MOTORHEAD show, and as the band followed up with "Overkill" to close the show, I kept thinking that as long as we keep Lemmy onstage, he will never stop. He IS MOTORHEAD, and hopefully, he can overcome any health problems and bring this bands energy back again, and again. Truly a more "Metal " rock show you will not find, than one provided by the mighty MOTORHEAD.

Long live Lemmy, long live rock.


  • "I Know How To Die"
  • "Damage Case"
  • "Stay Clean"
  • "Metropolis"
  • "Over The Top"
  • ( guitar solo )
  • "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch"
  • "Rock It"
  • "Lost Woman Blues"
  • "Dr Rock"
  • ( drum Solo )
  • "Just 'Cos You've Got The Power"
  • "Going To Brazil"
  • "Killed By Death"
  • "Ace Of Spades" ( with Slash )
  • "Overkill" ( with Slash )
Check out a few more pics from the show, courtesy of Junkman!


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