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Contemplating SUICIDE: An Exclusive Interview With Davey Suicide

By Wendy Jasper, Black Metal Aficionado
Saturday, January 25, 2014 @ 7:24 AM

"I would love to do videos for every single song on the album. We are a really visual band so any time you can put your story to video it really expands the visual aspect of the band."

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Say what you want about the industrial metal revolution, but it’s obviously here to stay. With the legions of mascaraed, angsty teen revelers growing by leaps and bounds, some artists have drawn much more attention than others of the genre. With a blistering stage presence and an outgoing, boisterous personality, Davey Suicide is this generation’s new Goth hero. The kids love him the way those of us now in our 40’s loved Marilyn Manson....However, I will admit that my 40-something self pretty much digs the ever-fabulous Davey.

Riding the success of his first full length, self-titled CD, Davey and his band have toured relentlessly for the past year and a half. Finally winding down after long jaunts across the U.S and the United Kingdom, he plans to stay focused on his music his art, and staying connected to fans.

“The most fulfilling thing that I have experienced has been to look out into the crowd and see the people in the audience singing along with the songs,” Suicide said. “I think about when I was a kid going to shows and knowing all the words to the songs of the band that I was seeing and it is so similar to what I felt back then. It seems like we are amassing a crazy movement among the fans and it is really amazing to see. In the UK the crowds were crazy every night. It far surpassed my expectations and the kids all knew who we were! I feel so lucky to have that experience. Now I want to make sure that we get to Australia and Japan. I feel like 2014 is going to be the year for us to do that and our management is going to make it happen.”

In addition to a loyal fan following at shows, the band’s YouTube channel is blowing up with views for videos of “God Head Killers", “Grab A Gun And Hide Your Morals”, “Generation Fuck Star”, and “Kids Of America”.

“I would love to do videos for every single song on the album,” he laughed. “We are a really visual band so any time you can put your story to video it really expands the visual aspect of the band.”

The visual and metaphorically graphic nature of some of the songs is what tends to attract the band’s fan base. The entire “be yourself” theme of much of Suicide’s music is what appeals to the fans and many feel that he speaks directly to them with the tone of the band’s lyrics. Just like with any musical artist that flaunts convention, there are those that hate the message they send, but this has been the case for generations; first with Alice Cooper and KISS, then Marilyn Manson, and now Davey Suicide.

“There are always going to be people that don’t understand,” he said. “Parents don’t always understand what their kids are listening to and they are not as involved in their lives as they should be and of course kids are going to turn to music and art to express themselves. Our die-hard fans completely get what we are trying to say and that is probably why they are so in love with the concept of what we are doing. It has always been this way with music and musicians. People are afraid of what they don’t understand and if people would actually listen, it might not be that way. These kids are connecting with us. We were in San Antonio, Texas and there were some fans there that had gotten the band’s ‘cross your heart’ symbol tattooed.”

What has been most interesting about Davey Suicide and his cohorts Needlz (Keyboards), Drayven Davidson (Drums), Mikey 13 (Guitar), and Brent Ashley (Bass) is that even though they are most classified as industrial music, they cross the boundaries of metal and hard rock and appeal to those fan bases as well.

“I think a good song is just that; a good song. It shouldn’t matter what genre you have been classified in,” he said. “I think that we have been fortunate to share tours with bands of various genres and our stage show is strong enough that I think we can hang with just about anyone!”

While the band has had some member changes over the past year, the current line-up is solid.

“Right now we are in a really good place. We brought Brent in on bass and organically this is a very strong line-up. We always soldier on and it is a big commitment to do this. I don’t blame people for realizing that this may not be the life they want and I would rather they tell me than me drag them into something that they don’t want to do and that has been the case with the member changes we have had. At the end of the day, I know what I want and I do my best to make sure that the team around me feels the same way I do about our endeavors,” he said.

With 2014 looming ahead, we can expect to hear new music from the band in addition to expanded touring plans. The band has just come off cross country runs with WILLIAM CONTROL and BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR and they plan to work on compiling songs for a new record.

“It’s time for us to record a new album,” he said. “We have done five U.S. tours for the EP and this current album and it’s time to move forward. The days are gone when a band lets two or three years lag between albums and when we feel like we have enough material I think it will be time to put a new record out. The fans are waiting; we get a lot of emails with questions about new music so I am confident that it’s the right time for us so let’s grow this thing! We started writing after the ORGY tour this past Spring and Needlz is producing it. There are going to be much heavier moments in some of the new songs. We are evolving with our sound and the songwriting is getting better. I can honestly say that I am very happy with the way things are going.”

Check out the video for “God Head Killers” HERE and be sure to check out Davey Suicide on the Web at www.daveysuicide.com.

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