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The Devil's Cut: An Exclusive Interview With WHITE WIZZARD

By Wendy Jasper, Black Metal Aficionado
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 @ 4:40 PM

WHITE WIZZARD Displays Classic Metal Roots With The Devil’s Cut

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That classic power metal sound is more prevalent than ever and California’s WHITE WIZZARD is a prime example. Their latest Century Media Records release, The Devil’s Cut is a strong album that is primed to take them to the next level. Comprised of founder and bassist Jon Leon, vocalist Joseph Micheal, guitarists Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner, and drummer Giovanni Durst, the band has amassed a worldwide following based on their initial releases Over the Top and Flying Tigers and extensive touring.

“We put the band together back in 2007 with different members and we did a video for "High Speed GTO", a song we had written for our first EP and the reaction to it was outstanding,” Leon said.

That particular lineup of the band broke up and Leon began to move forward with different members. He wanted to do something that was outside of what so many of the touring and festival bands were doing.

“Screamo was the big thing and that wasn’t what I wanted to do,” he said. “I wanted something different that would showcase our roots and give the fans what they want. Our current lineup is strong and the shows have been good so I think we stand to do well.”

Many of the songs on the album showcase the extreme talents of the current lineup. Guitarist Jake Dreyer, a young virtuoso that studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, was brought in because of his ability to shred in the style of his Shrapnel Records related influences.

“Jake is a great player and we needed someone like him and the album reflects his influences,” Leon said. Vocalist Joseph Michael also brings a wealth of talent and vocal range. Citing singers like King Diamond, Ronnie James Dio and Sebastian Bach as his influences, Michael shows diversity and growth that puts the band on the same level as some of the most successful bands of their genre.

“I have been singing professionally for several years and I initially moved to Los Angeles to do a band called MIDNIGHT REIGN. I later met Will at a session that he had booked me for and eventually I was called to come in and audition for WHITE WIZZARD,” Michael recalls. “It moved very fast because before I knew it, we were talking about possibilities and then we were doing tours and recording.”

The band has done some West Coast shows and hopes to tour internationally to support the CD. The band is also consistently working on new music.

“We have already started putting together ideas and writing for the new record,” Michael said. “We also have some touring locations in mind for next year. We would like to do the festivals next year and I think that in Europe we would do mid-sized venues. We are also hoping for a North American run as well.”

The band’s CD release party at the Roxy was successful and fans and critics are responding positively to the music. With songs like the title track, "Strike the Iron", and "Kings of the Highway", the band is poised for success.

In order to keep up with the band, fans can find them at the following web links. Also check out the video of the band performing in Los Angeles this year.


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